सिद्ध धर्म के अनुसार बृहस्पति जी को ‘महासिद्ध बृहस्पति नाथ’ कहा जाता है। बृहस्पति जी सारे देवताओं के गुरु थे । ऐसा माना जाता है कि, वो इतने अधिक बलशाली थे कि, उन्होंने इंद्र को भी कई बार युद्ध मे पराजित किया था। बहुत कम ज्ञात बात यह भी है कि, वो एक “योद्धा गुरु”… read more »


Brihaspati, as per ‘Siddha Dharma’ is believed to be a Mahasiddha Brihaspati Nath, who was the Guru of all gods. He was believed to be so powerful that he defeated Indra many times in war. Lesser known fact is that Brihaspati was also a warrior Guru who along with devtas had defeated many daityas and… read more »

Hanuman – हनुमान

Hanuman, is believed to be one of the most vibrant personality in Siddha Dharma. He is believed to be a deity who is a Mahayogi himself as he had mastered various forms of yoga like ‘Vajra Yoga’ and other forms of yoga. He is also a great tantric deity because he is also considered to… read more »

Tankari Lipi (Script)

Tankari Lipi is considered to be one of the oldest scripts of the world. As per Kaula Siddha Dharma, the language is considered to be the language of the folks and the common people. It is a rajasic system of script because the script was mainly used by farmers, traders, bureaucrats etc for their day… read more »

Ashtanga Yoga/Vrata Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga, etymologically is made up of two words ashta (अष्ट) + anga (अंग ), where asta means eight and anga m6eans limbs. So the synthesis of both words implies that Ashtanga Yoga is the eight limbs of Yoga. As per the Kaula Siddha Dharma, Ashtanga Yoga i.e the eight limbs of Yoga prevalent in the modern day… read more »

Kaulantak Peeth: The abode of the origin of all Mysticism.

“Kaulantak Peeth” is the land of the Siddhas and it has widely been known by the name “Siddhashram” i.e abode of the Siddhas, “Gyanagunj” etc. It is an extended area of the Himalayas where Guru Mandala resides. It is the Guru Mandala who is responsible for all the spiritual upliftment of the world. Whenever the… read more »