Ashtanga Yoga/Vrata Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga, etymologically is made up of two words ashta (अष्ट) + anga (अंग ), where asta means eight and anga m6eans limbs. So the synthesis of both words implies that Ashtanga Yoga is the eight limbs of Yoga. As per the Kaula Siddha Dharma, Ashtanga Yoga i.e the eight limbs of Yoga prevalent in the modern day… read more »

Siddha Vastu

Introduction and Etymology Vastu in a laymen term means, ‘a spiritual science which deals with the structure of lands, buildings, rooms etc and to improve the conditions of them through the help of Vastu Purusha.’ The word Vastu (वास्तु) is the outcome of word वस्तु which means matter. Matter is something that occupies space and has… read more »

Vartali Devi

Vartali Devi (Sanskrit: वार्ताली), is a one of most revered goddess of the “Siddha Dharma”. She is extensively worshiped in the areas of Kaulantak Peeth i.e land of the Siddhas and land of origin of “Siddha Dharma”, in one or the other forms. She is mainly worshipped in the areas of Kaulantak Peeth like Tibet, whole… read more »